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Nonviolence Origins and Outcomes

3rd edition.


Discovering Nonviolence
and Agape and Ahimsa: Twin Roots of Nonviolence

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Discovering Nonviolence

by Charles Collyer and Ira Zepp

Discovering Nonviolence is an introduction and an invitation to a big-tent view of nonviolent living and problem solving. The book pays attention to what happens when people learn about nonviolence – its history, its variations, its ideas, and its methods. It is focused on what life should be, and not just on the abhorrence of violence. In the words of the authors, “If we are successful in building a peaceful world – a good world of work and love and fun and fellowship and fulfilling self-expression – it will not feel like ‘violence prevention.’ But, incidentally, it will be so.”

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Agape and Ahimsa

This ebook is an extended “fireside chat” from the late Ira Zepp in which he reflects on agape (love for others) and ahimsa (non-injury), the roots of nonviolence, and offers several stories about approximations to peace. There is also some of Ira’s social gospel theology here, in very accessible language. The book concludes with a real chat between Ira and his friend Bill Holmes, taken from their email correspondence just after 9/11. You will like this book if you are interested in peacemaking and in the eternal tensions among violence, nonviolence, and pacifism. – Co-author Charles Collyer

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There’s More to Nonviolence Than I Thought

A Chapter From Nonviolence: Origins and Outcomes, Third Edition by Charles E. Collyer and Ira G. Zepp, Jr.

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A Look Inside - book cover

A Look Inside David Halberstam’s The Children

This ebook contains an Unofficial Table of Contents for David Halberstam’s book The Children. The Children is a wonderful book about the people of the Civil Rights Movement, but its usefulness is limited because it was published without chapter titles or a table of contents. This ebook tries to fill this gap, making The Children more accessible for students of the history of nonviolent social change and of human and civil rights.

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You've Got a Point - book cover

You’ve Got a Point

Four Talks on Nonviolence by Charles E. Collyer.

The four talks collected here grew out of working as a nonviolence trainer, first under the tutelage of Dr. Bernard LaFayette Jr., and from my work over many years as a teacher of Psychology. The main theme here is building bridges between the lessons of nonviolent social change and related knowledge from the social sciences about human nature – particularly aggression.

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The Movie Selma - book cover

The Movie Selma – A Nonviolence Trainer’s Perspective

A review of the movie Selma, with a focus on the educational value of the film. Some criticisms of the movie are noted, but in the author’s opinion they are outweighed by what can be learned about the Civil Rights Movement and the campaign that led to the federal Voting Rights Act.

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A Picture of What I Saw - book cover

A Picture of What I Saw

A Picture of What I Saw is a poem based on the experiences of migrant children in the Arizona desert between Nogales and Tucson. One aim of this ebook is to raise awareness of migrant issues, and to humanize these children and their families. Another is to request support for the Kino Border Initiative, which serves recent deportees at its Comedor in Nogales, Mexico.

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What Goes on in a nonviolence training? book cover

What Goes On in a Nonviolence Training

(Nonviolence: Origins and Outcomes)
by Charles Collyer, Ira Zepp (Author), Bernard LaFayette (Foreword)

Takes the mystery out of nonviolence training, while revealing some of the skills that can be based on a philosophy of nonviolence. Lots of examples and ideas for teachers, young people, and anyone looking for a mindful alternative to hostile conflict and pessimism.

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Practical Poems - book cover

Practical Poems

Practical Poems is a collection of, well, practical poems. They may help you. They may make you smile. Or laugh. All of them will probably connect to everyday in a way you will recognize. I hope you enjoy them.

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